#254 : Ken Geuns & Dr. Harlan Ritchie #MichiganBeefExpoWarmup

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#254 : Ken Geuns & Dr. Harlan Ritchie #MichiganBeefExpoWarmup

-Instrumental In Making Michigan State University The “Cool School” For Ag Students In The 1990’s & 2000’s

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Show Notes:
Ken Geuns: Tele: (517) 230-8502 (Bath, Michigan)

-Dr Harlan Ritchie Historical Contributions

-Importing European Breeds To USA In The

-Michigan State University Was The Mecca Of
Educational Institutions

-Famous MSU Alumni: Rachel Williams-Cutrer.
Cody Sankey, Mark Hoge, Nick Berry, Ryan
Verhelle, Brandon Hill, Brett Barber, Larry
Russell Just To Name A Few

-More Than A Basketball School

-1980’s Chi Influence: Did They Go To Far?

-How Did Oklahoma State Take Over As The
Trendy Ag Education Institution In The 2020’s

-End Of Podcast

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